Our Service

These are some of the services we offer you. In addition, we help you manage flights, transportation, gifts, and what you need to make your wedding the most important event of your life.

Maria & Edu

Complete Organization

Are you going to get married and do not know where to start?Are you worried about organizing a perfect wedding without spending a lot of time?

This is our most complete service. It includes:

Design and Project of Wedding: We will define the style, your history, we will find what makes you special and we will show it to your guests to create your custom day.

Decorative material The decoration of the event, tables, chairs, furniture, special corners … all worked to the millimeter.

Search of suppliers. Photographer, videographer, musicians, catering, invitations … Everything adjusted to your tastes and budget.

Advice and organization of guilds, We take care of organizing the timeline of the suppliers so that everything goes perfect.

Coordination of the day When the big day has arrived, we are there to take care of the smallest detail and everything goes perfectly.

Disassembly and cleaning. We take care of everything when the party ends so you can relax and enjoy your great night.

Do you want to enjoy a professional organization of your wedding

Event Design

If your chosen option is to organize yourselves your wedding and you do not know how, or with what suppliers you can contact, or how to decorate your favorite places … This service is just what you need.

We define your style according to what you want to enjoy and the resources you have, both human and material.

Guild counseling We help you find quality providers that will help you in those items that you need. We design the decorative spaces and how you have to make them.

We send you the Project in pdf by mail, so you can start as soon as possible.

We help you create the Boutique pack, we advise you on the activities that you like, we contact the suppliers and we carry out the timming.

This Service is included in the Complete Organization.


Do you want to organize your wedding with the decoration that you like most, the steps you have to follow to get it and knowing what guilds can help you?


Material Renting

Logistics material: We have the rental equipment you need for your wedding: tents, tables, chairs, tablecloths …. We take it to any point of Huesca and we pick it up.

Decorative furniture: We also have decorative furniture, such as consoles, vintage chairs, side tables, stools, chillout, doors, windows … pieces selected for you and restored with great care.

Enjoy a totally exclusive design at your wedding and create the WOW effect!

The decorative furniture is included in the Complete Organization.

Do you need to rent material for your wedding, forget about transport, assembly and enjoy to the fullest?

Floral Styling

We provide the design, decoration and floral styling of all our weddings.

Decorations fully integrated into nature. She is the one who inspires us, day by day, managing to extract our most creative part.

Creations that are the balance between nature and yourselves. Because there is no style that represents you 100%, but your own style is what represents you.

That is our goal, to get the floral decoration to have the sense that it should in your wedding.

Service included, only, in the Complete Organization.

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